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Sustainability and Economic Development Go Hand in Hand

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We Take Pride in Perfect Performance

A green roof system utilizes growing vegetation planted on top of an existing roof structure. These roofs provide significant advantages to building owners and the communities they serve. Research has identified the following benefits of well-designed, well-maintained green roofs for commercial and public buildings:

Lower Energy Costs

Green roofs reduce building energy use by providing shading, thermal mass, and insulation.

Longer Roof Life

A green roof usually has 1.5x to 2x the life expectancy of a conventional roof.

Reduced Stormwater Runoff

A green roof captures rain and reduces runoff that often overburdens municipal sewer systems.

Reduced Heat Island Effect

During hot weather green roofs lower building temperature and the air above it.

Reduced Noise

Green roofs are an acoustic buffer that decreases sound resonance in the surrounding area.

Improved Air Quality

Green roofs absorb carbon dioxide, release oxygen, and capture airborne pollutants.

Added Attractiveness

Green roofs provide an aesthetically pleasing view, adding beauty and value to buildings.

Job Creation

Green roofs generate employment opportunities in the emerging field of urban agriculture.

Economic Development

Green roof development can attract forward-thinking businesses and industries.

Increased Biodiversity

Green roofs create new urban habitats for native plants and animals.

In Hospital Settings

Dedicated green space decreases patient stress, aides in the healing process, and creates a more positive experience.

Roofs Are Real Estate

Existing roofs can be transformed into a beautiful, one-of-a-kind, fully functional retail space. Adding garden roofs, plazas, and decks can greatly expand operational square footage.


GSA Studies Show an Average Green Roof ROI of 224%

Our Registered Architects Are Certified Green Roof Professionals through Green Roofs for Healthy Cities

Financial Benefits of Green Roof Installation Will Likely Increase as Energy Costs Rise


Through our leadership, background, and technology, we have created a time-tested, comprehensive proven process that results in zero failure.

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