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Take the Game Out of Roof Management

Bidding & Design Documents

High School Exterior

We Take Pride in Perfect Performance

Roofers are historically and consistently rated as one of the least-trusted professions. Since 1982, our mission has been to help building owners avoid roofers who underbid, upcharge, underperform, and leave the owner with a significant financial liability.

Why Include a PDM Registered Architect on Your Roofing Project?
We are the only company in Kentucky with a licensed registered roof observer, working closely with roofing contractors to certify that the project is done without mistakes, up to code, and according to specifications agreed upon in the contract. We work on behalf of the building owner to make sure they get a perfect product.

We Are Errors & Omissions Insured

When PDM Architects oversee your project, we undertake financial liability for failure. Roofers in Kentucky are not required to carry E&O insurance. This means that when relying solely on a roofing contractor, premature roof failure costs are the responsibility of the building owner, not the underperforming roofer.

We Get Owners What They Bargained For

  • Increased life cycle

  • Minimized maintenance costs

  • Maximum return on investment


Across Large Multi-Building Campuses Millions in Capital Expenditure Can Be Saved


Through our leadership, background, and technology, we have created a time-tested, comprehensive proven process that results in zero failure.

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