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Find Out How Close You Really Are to a Roof Crisis, Repair or Replacement

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We Take Pride in Perfect Performance

Avoid Surprise Repairs & Costs
A roof consists of multiple systems that are critical to maintaining a strong and healthy structure. If any one of those systems fails, the health of the entire roof is at risk. During our roof asset observation & repair, our team will assess the entire roof and all of its components.

Infrared (IR) Roof Moisture Surveys

We have the ability to use thermal imaging as a diagnostic tool for enhanced roof observation. Our infrared scanner is used after sunset to identify wet insulation under the roof membrane. The roof surface is marked and a CAD map is created to identify all areas of moisture infiltration. Learn more about infrared roof moisture surveys.

For New Building Construction & Reroofing Projects

Find out if your roof is being constructed according to building code and manufacturer specifications. Many roof warranties become void without an annual roof inspection and condition report.

On Existing Roof Systems

We will determine if your roof needs to be replaced, or simply needs repair.

After Severe Weather Events

Successfully and accurately assess hail, wind, and storm damage.

Before Buying or Selling a Building

Having a roof inspection performed first can help buyers avoid expensive liabilities and sellers get the most for their property.


Every Inspection Includes:

Basic Roof System Repairs

List a few short examples here


Through our leadership, background, and technology, we have created a time-tested, comprehensive proven process that results in zero failure.

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