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Infrared Roof Scan


Find Existing and Potential Roof Leaks Fast

An infrared roof scan can save facility managers and building owners thousands of dollars on unnecessary roof replacement. Tremendous savings can be made by repairing wet areas rather than replacing the entire roof.

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What Is an Infrared Roof Scan?

An infrared, or IR, roof scan is a diagnostic survey using infrared thermography to identify moisture within a roof.

How Are Infrared Roof Scans Performed?

After sunset, we will access your roof and use our Forward-Looking Infrared (FLIR) cameras to identify wet insulation under the roof membrane. Problem areas are marked on the surface with fluorescent paint. A CAD drawing is created identifying problem areas, providing a visual map of all wet sections.

How Does It Work?

Moisture retains heat. Wet insulation will appear as areas of increased temperature in our FLIR cameras. These hotspots are the signs of moisture infiltration.

Benefits of an Infrared Roof Scan

  • Detects problems that cannot be visually identified

  • Not invasive to your roofing system

  • Cost effective and quick survey time

  • Eliminate unnecessary projects

  • Increase insurability and/or premium discounts


When to Use an Infrared Roof Scan

  • Before buying a building

  • During new construction

  • After severe storms

  • Any time to prevent costly roof leaks


Water Can’t Hide from Infrared

Uncover moisture in your roofing system today.


Through our leadership, background, and technology, we have created a time-tested, comprehensive proven process that results in zero failure.

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